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Digital transformation of the lab means more automation, fewer errors, better results, comprehensive utilization reports of instruments and a coordinated ecosystem that gives you complete control and oversight of the lab.

Thermo Fisher Cloud has a new name – Connect – but all of the features remain the same.

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Only Thermo Fisher Scientific has the industry leading scientific and laboratory operational excellence paired with an extensive portfolio of digital capabilities to aid you in your journey of digital transformation. Thermo Fisher Scientific has created a suite of digital solutions that enable you to connect everything - lab automation, data management and digital partners. Watch the video to explore a lab of the future where planning, shopping, experiments, analysis and collaboration connect allowing you to work at peak productivity.

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“The Connect platform is painless, intuitive and straightforward – a very easy to use platform that I certainly would recommend.” - Iain MacLeod, Chief Scientific Officer, Aldatu Biosciences

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Build your breakthroughs on an advanced platform

Your challenge: Reproducibility of results, speed of data analysis, and managing multiple different data points and workflow processes

In the lab, a rigorous, reproducible workflow begins with a platform built with the scientist in mind.  Our platform is a unique collection of software and hardware allowing you to access, store, share, and use your scientific or diagnostic data with more confidence. Thermo Fisher Scientific has two secure platforms: 

  • Our free platform: Connect – links Instruments and equipment for secure, cloud-based digital storage, scientific analysis apps and peer and document collaboration tools.
  • Our enterprise platform: Platform for Science –  supports integrated LIMS, ELN, SDMS, plus analysis apps for custom workflows and can be scaled and configured for your organization’s requirements

Every day scientists like you are working to discover and develop new ways to change lives. The right platform can network the many aspects of your lab to help improve your lab productivity and reproducibility.


Instruments and equipment that work smarter enabling your lab productivity

Your challenge: Globally accessible lab data to improve laboratory uptime, efficiency and productivity.

Access to your scientific instruments and equipment, and the data they generate is a critical success factor in every lab’s workflow. Hardware downtime, waiting for availability and inaccessibility to data can put your experiment behind schedule and cause serious bottlenecks for everyone in the lab. Thermo Fisher asset management tools provide greater lab productivity through:

  • telemetry data monitoring to proactively anticipate maintenance needs
  • mobile alerts when hardware requires attention
  • access to your assets and data from anywhere – even via mobile
  • lab instrument scheduling via your mobile device for the best utilization and ROI
  • integration with analysis apps and peer collaboration tools
  • remote calibration and support from our services team

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“Once our E1 Pipettes were connected, the ability to create and store programs is helpful. You can make the program work exactly the way you want online and easily figure out ways to optimize protocols.” - Anne Easton, lab technician, University of Guelph, Canada


Our eProcurement solutions make it easy to transition from planning to purchasing

Our eProcurement capabilities are optimized digital solutions for commerce and order transparency. You need a seamless transaction process to reduce costs and automate approval to give you the flexibility to access products and services when you need them. is your gateway to a suite of digital tools that enable you to accelerate your research and boost your lab’s productivity. For instance, we provide guided search tools to narrow the options and configurators to help ensure that product results meet your scientific needs. No matter your size, we have the buying tools to help you.

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Inventory management for self-starters who can’t wait

Your challenge: Providing your scientific team with the products they need when they need it paired with data-driven management of consumables and reagents to minimize downtime and costs.

Your science matters. Every moment of your time matters. That’s why we offer the Supply Center by Thermo Fisher Scientific for quick, easy, and local access to a comprehensive range of lab consumables. Enjoy an extra layer of assurance to support your research by having your most-used products stocked and ready to go when you are. Eliminate the chase for products and get back some of your precious time to pursue results.

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“We’re doing things more efficiently now that we have the Supply Center. We don’t have to worry about having to order and wait for products. It allows our scientists to multitask more efficiently and quickly.” - Walter Lee, senior manager, Pacific Biosciences

Services marketplace

Expand your capabilities and access your expertise

Your challenge:Your challenge: Access to outsourced scientific services is a fragmented, time consuming and manual process.

The Services Marketplace offers a single, integrated solution to securely source and engage with prequalified scientific service providers, including Thermo Fisher Scientific services and thousands of third-party providers from the Science Exchange network. With a simplified yet secure transaction process, you can easily find, decide, buy and manage your scientific services online.

Thermo Fisher is already your trusted partner for products. Now access the skill and strength of a world-class partner to streamline services outsourcing with a one-stop shop for science.

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