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Whether you are working to achieve the next breakthrough in research or looking to have full confidence and precision in your QA/QC routine results, Thermo Fisher Scientific chromatography solutions can offer you a complete workflow solution.

Drive innovation, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence to deliver a maximum return on your investment. With the largest portfolio of chromatography instruments, software solutions, columns and consumables, we remain a steadfast and committed partner in your endeavor to improve the world around us.

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Why should you start with separation by chromatography?

Before analyzing your sample, you should always consider chromatographic separation first. Chromatography not only separates out your target molecule, it concentrates it and offers a variety of downstream applications as a result. Learn more about the different separation techniques and the chromatography solutions that Thermo Fisher Scientific offers.

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  • Peptide mapping analysis
  • Food & beverage testing
  • Drug development
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental
  • Water analysis
  • Environmental testing
  • Food & beverage testing
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  • Pharma analysis
  • Food & beverage testing
  • Environmental testing
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